Friday, February 27, 2009

un-stress fracture

My right foot has been nagging me for some time. Ever since I performed in Macbeth in 3-inch heels in the fall. But I thought it was just a muscular thing... my feet were just sore from the unhealthy demands I placed on them for 5 weeks, often twice a day and sometimes 3 times a day.

In December I had backed off the running- not due to pain, just lack of will power to get out and DO it. Come January, however, I was running again. About 4 weeks ago I stopped running outside and on the track and moved exclusively to elliptical machines. This time it WAS due to pain. I got a little worried. As it happens I'm in rehearsals for a farce right now, and farce is a style of comedy which is often very physical and involves a lot of running around and door-slamming. I called a podiatrist and a few weeks later I was sitting in his office awaiting my fate...

That was Monday of this week.

I have a stress fracture in my right heel. I am making an effort to remain un-stressed about it. Honestly I think I'm experiencing more discomfort adjusting to the boot I have to wear when I'm not in rehearsals!! I'm sure if you've had the pleasure of wearing one of these things you know exactly what I'm talking about!

I'm still hitting the gym- Rob helps me figure out good modifications for some things... you know, 'cause plyometric stuff is pretty much out. I'm grateful for the project right now. I find I can get a twinge of depression hobbling around, not being able to take our pup on long walks... the workouts keep me sane and remind me of my ability.

I'm going into tech rehearsals today. We open next week. It's challenging to be patient!! But I tell myself as often as I can that this too shall pass... and that I'm okay. It's no big deal. Just a little stress fracture...

hope you are all feeling well.



Cole said...

Bummer!!!!! Patience is a virtue. What show are you going to be in?

Christine said...

Jen, I did the boot after my toe surgery ... not the most fashionable thing is it? I guess the plus side is that it is winter and not the dead of summer! Hang in there, it will be healed in no time.

Anonymous said...

Sending good thoughts your way for a speedy recovery! I'll be seeing your play on Wednesday.....looking forward to finally seeing you perform. Break a leg......oh, maybe that's not the best thing to say these days, huh?! :o)


Ginger said...

Jen hope the heel is improving. I am thinking of you and sending healing energy your way. Love you!