Thursday, January 29, 2009


well it's nearly the end of week 2 and I'm finally dusting off the old blog, and I have this to say...

  1. workouts are hard.
  2. weighing and counting food is... not the most fun.
  3. feeling the support of a community of brave, empowered souls who are feeling the same thing is awesome!
so I guess IT'S ALL GOOD(a great teacher I know taught me that one)

Hey! here's something I learned this week- it's partly a confession actually... so I ran on Wednesday... on... a fancynewtreadmillatmygym. there I said it. but here's what was great- I learned that I pushed myself harder on that machine than I did on running outside last week.

Quick sidebar: I have slipped a bit in the past few months on my running- no excuses? I found plenty of them! but I keep reminding myself that I'm training a puppy- that's me- and I'm back in it again to work at really creating new patterns for myself.

So what I really appreciated about this fancy new treadmill was that I could keep track of my pace and steadily increase as I proceeded through the run... I became aware of the fact that I'm not at a place with my cardio work yet to be able to steadily increase my pace the entire way, I had to pull off a touch in the 40-50 minute range, I just don't have the endurance built up yet. I figure I can use the machine on Wednesdays for a while to help train me and push me. Like I said, no way would I have pushed myself as hard on my own yesterday.

Now for the "attachment disclaimer". If, for whatever reason I can't get to the gym, or it's a beautiful day or whatever the reason- I will freely abandon the plan to run outside... I just think for the next few weeks I can learn a lot from it.

Train that puppy!!


Chris said...


Love the revamped blog! Also, LOVE the picture. You rock!


Ginger said...

Jen, the treadmill is the same for me sometimes. Yesterday was one of those days. I was able to concentrate on pushing myself to the 8-9 RPE range instead of whether the next step would either land me in an oncoming car or on my rump! I am glad that it's there for our use when it feels right!