Monday, August 18, 2008

it's back to bloggin' fer you lassie!

Hi and Hello and a hearty "Cheers" from Scotland!

What a time we're having in Edinburgh... Rob's show opens tomorrow (with me running lights- yowza!) and we're pretty excited about it! The vibe here is almost overwhelming at times- we are certainly grateful for our suburban home in Morningside... SIDEBAR- interestingly it's 2.3 miles from our house to the city centre and yet, even at a decent clip, it takes one hour for us to walk into town. Must be the hills and windy streets... AND WE'RE BACK... the show will open tomorrow at 2:30 (that's 14.30 here in the UK- isn't math fun?) then we'll all confab at a fabulous vegetarian restaurant called Henderson's. It'll be grand. (by all I mean the director, the playwright and his wife and the lighting designer).

OK, it's getting pretty late and I know Rob wants a shot at getting online... I wanted to mention that we had a pretty terrific run in the rain in a beautiful park today. It is such a joy to bring real-world activity into a foreign environment... it feels like it's all connected....

I'm off to bed- we've got to get up early to do our strength workout before Rob's opening day!!

We appreciate any mojo you can send to this show- Rob tells this story so poignantly- I hope lots of people will come and see it!!

much love and light to you all...jen

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